Saturday, September 1, 2012

Six Degrees Of Norwood


I like Kevin Bacon, Kevin Norwood Bacon, as an actor and now as a musician.

Mr. Bacon first crossed my path 30-some years ago when he played Tim on The Guiding Light. What I was doing watching The Guiding Light, I don’t know, but I remember Roger the bad guy, and I remember Kevin Bacon. Like you, I’ve seen him in many movies, notably Diner, Footloose, He Said She Said, AFew Good Men, and Apollo 13.

Searching for a movie to watch one night, I came across a link to the Bacon Brothers, which turned out to be Kevin and his brother, Michael. Doubtful, assuming here was yet another bored, pampered actor trying to cash in on his name, I went to YouTube for a looksee.

First, they are pretty good guitar players. Michael is a legitimate, long-time musician, well-known for scoring movies and television. They’ve played together professionally since 1995 and have released a half dozen or so albums. Their band is solid, and the tunes tend to stick in my head.

Both brothers are good singers, who harmonize well, but I like the edgy passion Kevin brings to his sound. Kevin is also the more prolific song writer. His lyrics are compelling, surprising, authentic, and, dare I say it, at times profound.

Photo from SmokeStackLightning

With a gift card from my mother-in-law, I purchased Philadelphia Road - The Best Of The Bacon Brothers, and it has made me want the entire catalogue.

Check them out on YouTube, or go to Amazon and listen to some samples. I suggest starting with Unhappy Birthday, Old Guitars, Guess Again (my favorite), Only A Good Woman, and Angelina.

This just in: Daryl Hall of Hall and Oats has a great show called Live From Daryl’s House, where he and his band have guest artists over to  his place for food and music. The Bacon Brothers episode is great fun, but check for some of your favorites, too, including the Plain White Ts.
That should give you plenty to do this weekend.

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  1. Thank you! While I knew they had a band and I had heard them interviewed once on the radio I never really bothered to check them out. As one Youtube comment said -- is there anything he can't do? "Go my Way" was awesome! Thanks again!


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