Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who Doesn’t Name Daughters After The Everly Brothers?

Yes, I named a child after Don and Phil, the Everly Brothers. So? I’ve been a big fan for many years, ever since my mom used to play All I Have To Do Is Dream and Till I Kissed You on the little hi-fi in our little living room. I own most of their music, some videos, some books and souvenirs, and I’ve seen them perform live five times.

You don’t need me to tell you how talented they are, what beautiful singers they are, and what influence they’ve had on generations of musicians. And I think Aubrey Anne Everly is a great name. Don’t you?

Besides, precedent was set long ago. My parents gave me four names, too. I was Larry Dean at first, but my dad crossed out Larry and wrote John Henry on my birth certificate, naming me after his father. My mom insisted that they keep Dean because up-and-coming country singer Jimmy Dean was one of her favorites. Later, we were all so proud about that whole sausage thing, too.

Love you, Aubrey Anne Everly.

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