Monday, August 27, 2012

Weasels Loose In Our Neighborhood, Again

Our car was pilfered again. It wasn’t broken into, because the doors are never locked. There is nothing of value in it, other than a glove compartment filled with plastic-wrapped plastic spoons, and a Tony Bennett Duets CD that belonged to Kelly in another lifetime. I figure it is better that the thieves have easy access without having to break the windows or slash through the soft top, and if they want the Bennett CD they are welcome to it.


We have had waves of this crime for several years, these worthless punks who roam nighttime neighborhoods, opening car doors, taking what they find. This is the fourth or fifth time we’ve been hit. One time, Kelly lost a very nice but empty little purse, but usually they get nothing from us and we get a pile of spoons and old papers heaped on the floor and seats.

Of course, we also get that creepy feeling knowing that some slimy stranger was in our car, and we make doubly sure all the doors in the house are locked at night. Noises that usually don’t wake us become more significant for a week or so, but that feeling passes.

The police took our report, but it is unlikely anything will be done, or can be done. We know of one such hoodlum who was caught in the act of rifling through a car. During the arrest, the police discovered a handgun in his pocket, a gun he had stolen from a car a few nights before. He was found guilty and sentenced to jail, but he was incarcerated only a few weeks, despite a long and violent record as juvenile and an adult.
Doesn’t it seem to you that the weasels will stay loose if we keep letting them loose?

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