Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whether Jesus Was Married Isn't As Interesting As How Hateful Some People Are On His Behalf

An apparently old piece of papyrus has helped resurrect the debate on whether Jesus was married, as it mentions Jesus referring to “my wife.” This isn’t so much a question of scriptural consistency or faith as it is simple logic. If one role of Jesus as savior is to suffer for us, then he surely was married, because marriage is the only way to know and understand true suffering. As Herb1038 said:
“… he was sent down to suffer pain, torture and humiliation – OF COURSE he was married.”
Of course, this is old news, and an unsolvable riddle. What fascinates me is the acrimony in the comments that follow the article, 1,421 of them at last count. They begin well enough, with thoughtful, well-reasoned opinions, but quickly degenerate into insulting vulgarity and name calling, as many Christians seem wont to do.
The most amusing comment came from TonyInDallas:
“Besides, if we can figure out when he got married, we can get not only Christmas and Good Friday off, we can get Jesus’ anniversary off.”

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