Thursday, September 13, 2012

Help Beat Cardiovascular Mortality With Your Phone

Lots of research indicates that heart rate is a good indicator of an increased risk of heart disease, demonstrating a “link between heart rate and sudden death.” They say fewer than 64 beats per minute is good, and 80 beats per minute is a bad sign.
Thinking it is a good idea to know my own rate, especially when exercising, I bought a heart rate monitor, but it can sometimes be inconvenient to use. I was delighted to discover this iPhone app called Cardiograph, from MacroPinch, Ltd.

Somehow, all you have to do is hold a finger lightly against the camera lens on your phone, and it measures your heart rate, and draws it on a little chart, just like at the doctor’s office. I’ve found it to be pretty accurate compared with my other monitor.
It’s easy, convenient, and, well, hard to beat.
Let me know how it works for you....


  1. Hard to beat? Really? I can't believe you wrote that. ~Kelly

  2. Be grateful. Originally, it was "heart to beat."


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