Saturday, September 8, 2012

Have Bill Cosby Himself Over For The Weekend


Bill Cosby is a very funny fellow (Right!) so why not top off your weekend fun with my favorite of his videos. Bill Cosby, Himself makes me laugh every time, especially as I get older and have more experience as a parent.
Choclolate cake for breakfast, mothers, dentist visits, brain damage, they all crack me up. You can watch all of it on Youtube, you can buy it on Amazon, or  you can do what I did. Kelly and I love thrifting at flea markets, and I always watched for dollar VHS tapes. We would find one or two, grab some sweet and sour chicken, then curl up on the couch to watch. I bought three copies of Himself, $1 each. So if you can’t find a copy, stop by and I’ll loan you one.

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