Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WTT For My Birthday: Wow, That's Terrific

For my birthday, Kelly and the girls took me to opening night of the WTT season, Springfield Lasers against the Kansas City Explorers. It was great fun, even with the rain showers that delayed the arrival and warm up of the players for more than an hour, and even though we lost.

Through it all, as is tradition, Kelly managed to get some knitting done.

All four players are new to the team this year, and two are new to World TeamTennis. To be honest, to me they look like high school students, but their credentials are sound. Some of them will be successful in their careers, I’m guessing, but they didn’t play especially well last night, with a lot of unforced errors.

Perhaps it was nerves from playing in front of 900 people, you know, with some of them being fresh from Wimbledon in the past fortnight.

Libby and Aubrey like the tennis, but their phones got a lot of attention, too. They were especially aware of the hairdo of the young man who plays singles for our side, and I pondered how they have changed in three years from little girls wanting to be the next Vania King and Liezel Huber to not so little girls who whisper how cute that player on the other team is. To say nothing of the two (no good stinkin') boys who kept hovering around them.

Win or lose, it is fun to watch, and it is fun having family along. We had a very nice Chinese buffet, watched some good tennis, then came home to eat some left-over birthday cake and ice cream. Another very good birthday, one of my best.

Thanks, Kelly.

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  1. Well Happy belated Birthday to you! Missed you on Say It Saturday. Want to link up again? How about the one about your Dad and the Foruth of July? I have awarded you a Veratile Blogger Award and you can see it at http://www.familyhomeandlife.com/2012/07/another-versatile-blogger-award.html


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