Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sharpie Shoes

Yes, our girls sometimes struggle with being tidy, as teenagers sometimes do. But you have to admit, they have pretty good taste in shoes.
When I was a kid, we couldn’t have Converse All Stars until high school, because at $8, they were much too expensive for everyday boy shoes. Our Chuck Taylors were the big deal, and just about the only cool shoe in town until Adidas and PUMA became popular a few years later (those are mine up in the banner photo).

Of course, our kids have their pick of shoes, with dozens of brands and styles to choose from, but their favorites are the $4 ones at discount stores. Since they first started coloring white canvas shoes while camping a few years ago, they’ve each made several pairs that show their talent and something of their personalities – and, I think, something of their independence from fashion.

That’s something to be pleased about, isn’t it?

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