Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Kids Day

How many times have you heard this:
“Mom, Dad, if we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, when is Kids Day?”
Well, at our house, it’s today, Friday the 13th.

With children all over the country, getting them all in the same
room at the same time is a challenge. Libby is missing from
the top photo, and Lydia is missing from this one. Two of
the grandchildren are missing, too.

Years ago, I figured why not have a day to show appreciation for the kids, and why not make it on a day that used to represent something unpleasant.
We mostly do small things, like a Kids Day Cake, or a Kids Day trip to the grocery store to let each of them buy their own box of favorite cereal. A couple of times there have been Kids Day movies or trips to the park or the ice cream place, or small gifts, maybe hair pretties or a pair of socks.
These days, with everyone so spread out, and half of them with kids of their own, Kids Day is mostly a text message from me, but we try to do something with the girls still at home.

Do any of you have similar traditions?


So I got this photo from Jessica on Friday night, with 75 percent of our grandchildren enjoying a Kids Day cupcake. Hi girls!


  1. When our girls were small, we use to celebrate Kids Day on the last day of school...the day they are in school for only 1/2 hour. We would go to a new park, or a water park, a playland and out for lunch. They would get small fun goodies like gum tape, etc. Fun memories!

    1. Hi pinsandneedles, that sounds like a great idea that I'm sure they looked forward to in more ways that just school being out.

      Our tradition is to take the kiddies out for ice cream on the last day of school, but with three kids in three different schools and three different last days, that has been hard the last couple of years.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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