Monday, July 9, 2012

56 Again

It turns out that today is my birthday, and I get to be 56 again. For the past 12 months, I’ve thought and told people that I was 56, but Kelly got the calendar out yesterday and convinced me that I was only 55. Until today.
That’s like getting a whole year for free. A do over. Yipee!

As she always does, Kelly made one of my favorite meals, which we ate at Mimi and Papa’s last night. BBQ meatloaf (the best meatloaf on the planet, no joke, no exaggeration), and my very favorite pumpkin cake with that thick cream cheese icing – mmmmmmmm. I don’t mean to be unkind, but that cake is so good, I kind of resent all those other people getting a piece, just for what, singing “happy birthday to you.” I mean, c’mon….

We had a lovely meal and a lot of laughs around the table after. It is always a good time with Mimi and Papa and Dan.
I don’t get on Facebook often enough to know how anyone knows, but I’ve gotten birthday greetings from lots of distant family and friends today, so that’s a nice surprise.

I do get on Amazon plenty, though, and with the gift card my in-laws gave me my Wish List dreams soon will come true. Yipee!

About three decades ago, I printed a handful of little signs on paper, simple birthday clip art,  and hung them up for the birthday girl to find the next morning. Well, the next child to have a birthday wanted signs, too, and the next thing you know, it has become a tradition.
About 2 this morning, on a too frequent trip to the bathroom, my forehead bumped into something in the hallway. There was just enough light to see that Aubrey had drawn some signs and taped them around so I would see them when the sun came up. That was nice.

Tonight, we have a little outing planned, one of my favorite things to do, so look for an update in the next day or two.
So, happy birthday to me, and mom, my thanks to you.


  1. Happy belated birthday!
    I hope you had a good one.

    1. Hello again, Paul. Thanks for the good wishes. I wonder what Tom Hanks did yesterday? I didn't see him at the tennis match.


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