Monday, October 8, 2012

What's It Take To Frost Your Pumpkin?

The temperature dropped to the mid-30s last night, with frost this morning. That’s a bit unusual for us this early in the year, and you should have heard the whining: “It was so cold.” “I had to turn on the heat.” “I got out my winter clothes.” “I’m freezing.”


Right now, it is 56 degrees (F), and people are still complaining. We have a football game later, where the temperature will likely be in the mid-40s by the time we leave. I am laying out clothes with lots of layers, and trying to decide whether to dig out my long johns.

Which seems pretty normal.

But late last January, we had a day where the temperature was in the mid-30s at night and upper 50s in the sunny afternoon. Everyone was so happy. “Oh, it’s so warm out.” “Mom, why can’t I wear shorts to school?” “It’s like spring.” “I wish the pool was open.”
Same temperatures, 180-degree opposite reactions. So what’s the difference?

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