Thursday, October 18, 2012

And Baby Makes Five, With The Sixth Not Far Behind

My oldest daughter was hoping to have this baby before Halloween, and she got her wish. Say hello to baby Aspen, born early this morning. Mother and daughter are fine, sisters are estatic, daddy is hap-hap-happy, too.
We have been blessed, very fortunate to have five grandchildren now, with another arriving around the end of the year. There is a rumor Number 6 is a male, which is hard to believe. We have one son but seven daughters, and all the grandkiddies are girls, so far.

Aspen was born at home, which is pretty scary to me, but apparently everything went off without a problem. I guess things are very well, because baby has already made a trip to her other grandparents' house.

The only bad thing is that these girls and their mothers are far away, the closest being 1,400 miles down the road. Thank goodness for Skype and Facebook, right?


  1. That's wonderful, so happy for you!
    Wow, born at home. Momma is an Amazon woman, and that's a good thing! Totally in awe of that strength.


    1. Yes, it is wonderful, but - and I don't mean to embarrass you, cm - but you don't get babies from Amazon. At least not yet.


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