Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Presidential Issue 4: Holiday Decorations In Stores Months Before The Holiday

“Retailers are rolling out aggressive sales earlier this holiday season to lure consumers,” reports The Washington Post. It gets worse every year, and we need a president who will finally do something about it. I didn’t hear it mentioned in the debate last night. Did you?

In mid-August, all we should see in stores is back-to-school supplies, not Halloween candy, and certainly not Christmas decorations. But by early September we could buy candy corn and costumes, and by late September, yet again, there were plastic holly and twinkle lights and shiny plastic ornaments up and down the aisles. Which means that awful music won’t be far behind. In fact, one of my children is already listening to it on the radio.

This is too soon, too soon. No wonder we are all so sick of any holiday by the time the big day arrives.

I’m not saying it’s your fault, but according to the National Retail Federation,  it is, because 20 percent – one in five of you – have already started shopping. Shame, shame, shame. There are even houses with Christmas lights up already.
The least you can do is vote for a presidential candidate who will take action to stop this madness.


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