Sunday, October 28, 2012

Red And Yellow And Orange, Oh My

We live in a fabulous neighborhood, filled with old homes and old trees and, well, old people. The streets are especially beautiful during these brief days in October when leafs first turn from green to red and yellow and orange.
Kelly and I got a rare hour together one afternoon last week, so we made a photo expedition through our streets. I haven’t been on a lot of photo expeditions, but the ones where you get to hold hands are the best.
You can see some of the photos Kelly took here, and some I took two years ago right about here. We live in a fabulous neighborhood.

If you live in a place where the leafs have not all fallen or turned brown, take an hour, take someone’s hand and take a walk. And take your camera.


  1. I love our neighborhood as it wears this season well. Who is that fat chick? ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    1. Hey, that's no fat chick, that's my wife (to paraphrase the old joke). But, otherwise, you're right. We live in a great part of the country for fall color, and a great city for fall color, and a great part of town for fall color. It's over all too quickly.

  2. As a founding member of the St. Francois County Grammar Police, I must issue the following notice:
    Twice in the above post you incorrectly used the word "leafs" instead of the perfect plural, "leaves".
    Luckily for you, Greene County does not have a reciprocity agreement with St. Francois County, thus rendering null any summary judgment.
    Please keep this in mind for future posts. And have a nice day.


    1. Thank you, cm, but let me make two points.

      First, apparently you are unfamiliar with the Toronto Prerogative, 2006, which allows, even encourages, use of the fs ending in this instance. It isn’t surprising that the practice has not reached every backwater county in the country, so perhaps you can spread the word.

      Second, typos are one way Ms. Anthony and I flirt.


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