Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Worthless Piece Of Chocolate

Sister One and Sister Two were arguing, as they sometimes do, in that sisterly way sisters sometimes use, that dances around the edges of annoyance and irritation but seldom steps into genuine ire.
One said something pretty sticky, and during the long pause that followed, I wondered whether the other would escalate the problem. She looked her sister in the eye coolly and said,
“You are a worthless piece of chocolate,” and they both looked at each other and laughed and moved on. Whew!

Now, these two girls just survived middle school, where they heard no telling what every day, a constant stream of insults and vulgarity. It pleased me that this is the worst they can come up with.

They are new sisters still, and as their affection grows so does their desire to get along. They are rarely mean to each other these days.

Once I realized that no parental intervention would be required, and I was free to ponder life’s greater issues, I wondered: is there such a thing as worthless chocolate?
Chocolate is good and precious and wonderful. All chocolate. It’s all good. I like boutique chocolate, like Godiva, which our Mimi gives for holidays, and Candy House, but I also like Hershey's bars and even dollar store chocolate – especially for stress eating.

Just as I was ready to proclaim that there is no such thing as worthless chocolate, I remembered Raisinets.

Raisins. Barely covered in chocolate. Ugh!
I got no beef with raisins, but Raisinets are a waste of perfectly good chocolate.
As our girls and all reasonable people know….

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