Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Danny's Day Out And Back

I don’t know how much time Danny actually rides his bike, but he loves talking about it and fiddling around with it. I usually do repairs for him, and not always very well, but he is grateful every time.

Danny is my brother by marriage, but our affection has grown from our five-year friendship. I love Danny, although I’m still just getting to know him. He is as sweet as can be, most of the time, but he can also be a bit of a rascal, a joker, and it is sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between disability and disobedience, manipulation and just messing around. He likes having things his own way, which I suspect he rarely does, and he likes hanging out with me.

We have tried for a long time to take a bike hike together, but my work schedule and his schedule often don’t jive, and when we do get a day that might work, the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Everything was perfect the other day, so we just went, up one of our city’s trails and back. We had a great time together, and to prove it, here are the pictures.

What do you think?

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