Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Ghost Of Easters Past

I have 8 children, the oldest age 31, so I’ve been the Easter Bunny for a long, long time. Tomorrow is the first Easter morning where we won’t have children who are going to sleep tonight excited about waking up early and finding all the eggs and baskets around the house. That makes me sad.
We colored a couple dozen eggs today, which was nice, but it looks like that will be the extent of our celebrations, except for what always promises to be a wonderful lunch at the Mimi and Papa's house tomorrow.
We’ve always had fun on holidays, following the traditions I grew up with and adding our own as we went along. It was great having that fun in our house, and I miss it. So if you still have children at home, take advantage of it, enjoy it, cherish it. And take lots of pictures.

The coloring of the eggs has been one of our favorite famly traditions for 30 years, and one of mine for more than 50 years. You gotta love that smell of vinegar.

Too old for such things this year, Libby, Grace and Aubrey had a good time two Easters ago. This is a picture they posed for to give to their Uncle Dan.

Mimi and Papa have the perfect back yard for an Easter Egg hunt.

And the perfect pack porch to divvy up their spoils.
Kelly and I have reached the age where we could be and should be decorating and hiding eggs with our grandchildren, but the 4 of them live in other states this year. So we’ll be thinking of them even more than usual tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a photo from the tree in our yard two years ago, which may or may not be a Dogwood. I think it is a Dogwood, but apparently not all trees that get small white blossoms in the spring are Dogwoods..

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