Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter: Now For Adults Only

I woke up, Easter morning, with something of a panic on because we hadn’t hidden eggs during the night and hadn’t prepared fun-filled baskets of socks and gum and candy for the girls. They are older now, and haven’t shown much interest in such things, but I felt bad anyway, and wondered whether the kiddos would miss it.

It turns out they did, but just a little. Sometime in the late morning, they asked if I would hide around the house the eggs they colored yesterday, “just for fun.” One of them realized that helping to hide them might be more grown up, so she and I hid the eggs while the other went upstairs to wait. It was fun, and brought back a lot of memories, of these two and the one who was with her dad today, and of the other five who are celebrating in other states with their young families. It was good.

We went to Mimi and Papa’s for a delightful lunch of ham and the absolute best baked beans I’ve ever eaten (sorry, mom, sorry Kelly), potato salad from some other country, home-made bread, and Jello salad with a pretzel and pecan bottom, some kind of creamy stuff in the middle, and raspberries and strawberries on top. Man, oh, man. And, of course, we had Kelly’s too-good-to-share cherry pie and a lemon Bundt cake for desert.

The food is always good there, and we always have fun with Mimi and Papa, and Kelly’s brother, Dan. We took a family walk, had some more laughs, and made friends with a dog.

We collected the absent daughter from her dad’s and that made the day complete. Any concerns I had early in the day, about the girls feeling cheated, vanished with Mimi’s gift to each of them: a box of Godiva chocolate of their very own. I guess there isn’t a much better right of passage into adulthood than that.

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