Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sara Melson's Dirty Mind

Watching Frasier reruns on Netflix late last night, I caught one of my favorite episodes, the one where Frasier is tempted to date an adorable sales clerk who is 20 years his younger (Season 1: Episode 20 Fortysomething, if you want to watch it).
The character, Carrie, is cute as can be: pert, intelligent, friendly, talkative, happy, flirty, charming. No wonder Frasier was attracted to her.

I wondered whether I could see this actress anywhere else, so I noted her name as the credits rolled. Turning to my trusty search engine, Swagbucks, I looked for Sara Melson and there she was, not only an accomplished actress, but a singer.

On her web site, I played about half of the songs listed, and liked them right away. The piano and guitar seem to swell in my headphones. Her voice is bright and textured, filled with emotion and power and honesty. I learned that she writes her own tunes, and the lyrics are interesting and personal. I especially like the one about deciding to love like you’ve never been hurt.

So I whipped open my Amazon account and found her Dirty Mind album as an MP3 download, and now, for a mere $8.99, it is in my iTunes. I don’t know enough about music to express how good these songs are, but if you take the best parts of all your favorite singers and songwriters and piano players and guitar players and roll them into one great big talented ball, this is what you would get. Sara Melson.

Take a listen here and tell us what you think.

1 comment:

  1. Adequate.
    I happen to prefer the late Eva Cassidy. Her live performance of her own arrangement of Over the Rainbow is a study in control, passion, clarity, and longing. ( Next on the list would be this sixteen year old, Gracie Minnis (who just happens to be my niece) She sounds much like her very talented mother, Cindy Minnis.


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