Monday, March 26, 2012

First Chuck Berry, Now The Haddonfields

My brother Daren has been on the fringe of the St.Louis music scene for 20 years, which mostly has been working as a bus boy at the grungy clubs where these types of bands play, according to my mother.
In and out of bands no one has heard of since he was 15, playing a guitar no one we know has seen him play, and singing songs no mother would want her child to hear, Daren is now on tour with a “punk/pop” band called The Haddonfields.
The group plays “fast catchy melodic punk rock with themes ranging from Sci-Fi to poppy love songs and from Hockey to Horror,” according to their Facebook page. There is a video of the band playing a tune called Barbara. I haven’t seen Daren for many years, but I think he is the one in red, who seems to enjoy himself more than the others.

Apparently the group is on the road promoting their new album, available as an MP3 download only, wonderfully called The Skin Is The Best Part. There are 13 songs with some interesting titles, such as Nov. 1, 4:00 am and Does She Ever Shut Up?

This isn’t my type of music, so all the songs sound exactly the same to me with barely controlled guitars and screamed words I can’t decipher. On iTunes, every song is marked with Explicit lyrics, so perhaps it’s just as well.

If that kind of thing interests you, they are at the Flask Lounge in Portland, Maine tonight. Let me know how they do.
And Daren, if you see this, give your mother a call. She would like to hear from you.

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