Monday, June 25, 2012

Tip: $1.75 - Feeling Like A Million Bucks: Priceless

I’m not a big tipper by nature, but following advice from Jim Rohn, my favorite philosopher, I’ve learned how to do it right. Pay well for good service, he says, but then tip again for how it will make you feel all day.
I passed a lemonade stand down our street, four little kiddies smiling and calling to cars passing by. They had ice and cups, of course, bite-sized brownies, and piles of old toys and some little boy clothes for sale.

A cup of cold lemonade and a green metal lunch box proved irresistible, so for $1.25 I got a good deal. This is where Jim Rohn comes in.
I asked the little ones if they took tips, and they looked at each other and giggled. I handed the girl who poured my drink $3 and walked away. I heard the sharp intake of breath and a chorus of oooooohs from four tiny voices, and saw the little boy running up the sidewalk, shouting. I turned to see the other three, standing on their toes, grinning like it was free Ben & Jerry's Day, waving.

Yep. Best seven quarters I’ve ever spent.

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