Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I’m Not Actually Pleased That Martha Stewart Went To Jail, But…

Let’s just say I’m not a member of Martha Stewart’s fan club.

My encounter with her was years ago, when I was selling jelly, the best 10 ounces of jelly that $4 would buy. I paid big bucks to set up a booth at a garden show in a large city, where Martha Stewart was the guest speaker. She made a tour of the booths (reluctantly, from the look of her), and her entourage stopped briefly at mine.

During the luncheon, one of Stewart’s flunkies came and asked if Ms. Stewart could try our jalapeño mustard with her meal. I fixed up a three-jar gift box with the mustard, our best seller, some shrimp sauce and strawberry almond jelly, my personal favorite.

Now, that’s not a big deal. It cost me $10, and I gave away a lot of them over the years. What bothers me is that Ms. Stewart never bothered to say thank you, or sent one of her people to say thank you, and I just think there is a major, fundamental flaw with people who do not say thank you.

What do you think?

Tomorrow: why I don’t like Pete Rose, either.


  1. Thank you are two words that can be most powerful professionally and personally. It is simply a matter of manners and manners are simply a matter of choice. There in lies the power. Maybe Martha is not that smart, not that well read. If she was, she would be familiar with Miss Manners. ~Kelly

    1. Oh, I suspect Ms. Stewart is smart, well-read or not. How else could someone with so few apparent marketable skills become so wealthy and well-known.

      Thanks for writing, Kelly.

  2. She has made a lot of $$$ for herself hasn't she? I had a look at your products and they look delicious! I love raspberry chipotle on anything.

    1. Hi Connie. I haven't sold those products for many years, but they are excellent. When I worked for them, all their products were made by hand, one gallon at a time, in a kitchen filled with stoves and wonderful smells.


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