Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grandchildren Rock - Sadie Is Back In Town

Callie on the right, Briane on the left

One was with us every day for more than two years. Another lived just two blocks around the corner. Then they moved away, as grandchildren so often do and we are sad, but we treasure the time we had with them and every call and text and photo.

Lucy not too long before she left.

We have four grandchildren, all beautiful little girls (with two others on the way, gender unknown). They are delightful, but the nearest one is 1,400 miles away, and one is 500 miles beyond that. I gotta tell ya, for Kelly and I, that’s no good. We wish they all lived close, so we could see them every day.

Sadie when she left, months ago.

Kelly’s parents moved here from California years ago so they could be near Libby, and I understand that, and admire them for it. But it will be quite a while before we are in a position to do that.

Sadie today.

In the meantime, we sometimes get a little gift. Our little Sadie, who isn’t so little anymore, is in town for a few days with her mother, and we got to spend the afternoon with her. She walks and talks and can reach the piano keys all by herself. She is adorable.

We want them close, but for now, we’ll settle for short visits, whenever we can get them.

Good to see you, Sadie. And your mother, too.

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  1. Hello John, you should join my Grandparent's Say It Saturday on Saturdays of course. Hope to 'see' you there!

    1. Okay, Connie, I'll take a look. Thanks.

  2. Happy for you. I'm heading to AZ next week to help the 35-week pregnant mommy out while the daddy is out of town. Perhaps their newest will decide to join the family while I'm there. Very cool for me if that happens, not so much for daddy. Big bro and sis, almost 7 and 5, will seem HUGE, even though it has only been a few months. I might even get in their pool.


    1. cm - it looks like Connie (above) is in AZ. Say hello for me if you bump into her.

      Boy, that's gotta be hard for daddy, if he's gone. My dad always chose to be away when the kiddies came, but I loved being there. Hope it works out well for you and daddy, and, of course, the 35-week pregnant woman. 35 weeks is pretty pregnant.

      Have a nice trip.

  3. What beautiful girls! Has to be so hard for you missing them :(

    1. Yes, Debra, like Mississippi would miss all the esses.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Your granddaughters are very cute!! It has to be so hard to have had them close and to now miss them so much. Soak up every single moment with Sadie that you can. It will help get you through until the next visit.

  5. Thank you, Grandma Kc. You've done two things I adore: you've stopped by my blog and you've complimented my grandchildren. We will follow your advice.

    With our children, we prepare(d) them for leaving home eventually, and that process gets us ready, too. We don't have that mechanism with grandchildren, do we?

  6. Awww, would like to say I understatnd but I don't. All of my grand kida are close by. However, give me a few months; we have a daughter and her three thinking of moving out of state. I can't wrap my mind around that yet. Glad you had a good visit with Sadie. Thanks John for linking up with me At Grandparent's Say It Saturday! I hope you will be back next week.

  7. So precious! It's incredibly difficult to be a long-distance grandparent, isn't it. My only grandsons live 815 miles away; I couldn't imagine having the distance you do. But it sure looks like a sweet time once you get back together. Truly adorable little gal.

    Great to "meet" you via Connie's Saturday linky. Feel free to join us for the GRAND Social at my place!



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