Thursday, June 14, 2012

This Little Piggy Went To Market

The long-awaited Walmart Neighborhood Market has opened in our neighborhood, which saves us an 8-mile drive through thick traffic, and helps us avoid the much-too-expensive grocery store over by the college. Saving time and money is good.

I like Walmart. I know they’ve lost the vision and community Sam Walton built into the company years ago, and that low price at any cost has cost their reputation. But I believe Walmart is good, and that the corporation can get back to its original motivations.

My first trip to Walmart in my hometown, some 40 years ago (man, can that be true?) is still vivid in my mind. It was so big and had so much variety, I loved going there. I even liked Walmart for the two crazy years I worked there.


Yes, the stores can be crowded, the lines long, the employees surly. But I like shopping there because I don’t like paying $8 for something I can buy for $5 at Walmart.
People complain about the poor mom and pop shops closing, but that doesn’t bother me. If mom and pop can’t sell what I need for the price I want, maybe mom and pop can go get jobs at the typewriter ribbon factory. Or open a $5 cupcake shoppe….

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