Sunday, February 24, 2013

And Aubrey Is Their Names

Like me, Aubrey has two middle names. Anne, from her mother, and Everly from, of course, the Everly Brothers. Her last name comes from me, at least until she marries. She knows all of that. What she doesn’t know is how her first name was chosen.
Partly, it is from the Bread song, as she thinks, but mostly it comes from this guy. His name is Aubrey, and I really liked his name.

When I was playing basketball, Aubrey was one of the guys who used to come. He was an excellent and generous basketball player, not afraid to take the shot, but unlike most of the guys, he wasn’t afraid to pass or to set a pick or to play defense. That always made him fun to play with, but mostly I liked him because he was a genuinely nice guy. A nice enough guy that I named a child after him.
Nearly 15 years later, I bumped in to Aubrey the other night at the store. I knew I recognized him, but couldn’t place him. Work somewhere? One of the colleges? Oh, I know. Basketball. I introduced myself, and he remembered right away. He was taken aback when I told him about his namesake, visibly moved. “Well, that is a real honor,” he said.
If he knew my Aubrey, he would know exactly how true that is.


  1. What a wonderful story....and what a wonderful blog! I've spent the past...never mind, much too long....sitting here reading. Found you at 'Family Home and Life', on her list of grandparent blogs. I don't see a way to follow through email, and I'm not a blogger myself. So I hope I see you around again! dona

    1. Hi Dona, and welcome. I have corrected the Follow by E-mail omission, so thanks. Come back anytime.


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