Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turns Out Cheer Season And Duck Season Aren't As Similar As One Might Think


Libby is in the thick of cheer season, with basketball games at school and regional competitions with her competitive squad nearly every weekend.
You would not believe the people who go to these things. They are all, um, enthusiastic, and involved, and LOUD and there are a LOT of them. They participate, man, and cheer for their cheerleaders.
My views on cheerleaders at sporting events are pretty well known, at least among the half dozen people who read this blog, but I’m all for these competitive teams. The girls – mostly girls, there are some boys – are in pretty good shape and do some impressive stunts.

For example, look at how high these flyers are. The ugly backdrop makes it hard to see them, but they are way up there.

Libby is very good and getting better. I’m proud of her. She doesn’t know it, but with her hair done up for cheer, with the big bows, I think she looks like Julie Newmar.

Competitions are long and exhausting for parents, but rewarding. The music is awful. And loud.

As Kelly says, “the bigger the cheer bow, the better the cheer mom.”

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